Gotcha Preview


Kinsley Lively

A Gotcha Ball

Kinsley Lively, News Editor

It’s round. It’s squishy. It’s the size of a tennis ball. It’s blue and white. 

“Gotcha” week has returned to TMU and with it the small foam balls that determine who plays and who is eliminated.

“It’s going to be interesting,” said Wesley Chenette, a manager for the University Exchange. “It’s going to be good. I like the rule changes, and it’s going to be competitive.”

The rule changes include: not having to give all the names to the person who got you out;  no safeties on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; and all buildings on campus are completely safe.

Sweazy has won Gotcha for the past three years and uses the money to sponsor their “friendsgiving” event. When asked who might win, Chenette answered, “Not Sweazy, because everyone’s going to be way better than they were last year. The rule changes don’t help at all for a dorm.”

Meanwhile, in the orange and white Sweazy lounge, Diana Strattan planned her strategy for the week.

“I am excited but also a little anxious and paranoid,” said the freshman, a liberal studies major. “I’m definitely going for Sweazy to win.”

While individuals in Sweazy may enjoy the competitive nature of the week, others like to keep it more relaxed.

“It was too time-consuming and stressful,” said Emmy Gaddy, a senior in C.W. Smith Hall. “I love watching though. I played it for four years, but you should definitely do it if you have the time and commitment.”

Jimmie Dubei, a junior in Hotchkiss, had just acquired his target when he stopped for a brief interview.

“I’m pretty sure it’ll be intense,” Dubei said. “I think all the dorms are forming their alliances, as opposed to the previous years where it was just Sweazy, and everyone else for themselves.”

Dubei, along with other members of Hotchkiss, are optimistic about their chances for victory going into “Gotcha” week.

“I think there’ll be action for sure because it’s a competition, and Hotchkiss is looking strong,” Dubei said. “We’re definitely more united than the previous years, and I think we have a very good chance.”

When it comes to being successful during “Gotcha” week, students had different pieces of advice.

“Watch your backs, and don’t turn on your friends,” Dubei said.

“Be alert and ready to respond at any second, all day and night,” Chenette added.

With Tuesday’s “safety” position announced as a “flock formation,” students should expect to see groups of students “flying” together for the next 24 hours.