Waldock and C.W. Smith Hall surprise at the 2018 Master’s Cup


Photo by Ashley Doyle.

Michael Brown, Managing Editor

The men of Waldock and the women of C.W. Smith Hall held their heads high Friday night after winning in their respective competitions at the 2018 Master’s Cup, further setting this year’s competition apart from past years.

The event itself, which is traditionally held on the final Friday of W.O.W., was pushed back to the following Saturday in order to allow returning students, as well alumni and parents, to come be a part of the annual competition.

Photo by Ashley Doyle.

“We know that Master’s Cup is such a celebrated event and that everyone really enjoys it,” said Chris Jackson, ASB Vice President. “And since the only people who are on staff, student leadership, and WOW’ies can participate, we wanted involve everyone by having it on the night where everyone returns so that more people could come and enjoy it.”

The entire competition was altered in order to incorporate the new crowd.

“So because we made the decision to have the returners kind of participate and be able to watch, we oriented the cup so that it flows in and out of the gym as many times as possible,” said Noah Olson, ASB President. “So there are three times where the cup will run through the gym.”

In order to do so, the 2018 Master’s Cup featured several new events that took place in the MacArthur Center, replacing four original events with four new ones.

The first three of the new events were an egg toss, an olympic-style Nerf target shooting competition dubbed “Master’s Marksmanship,” and “The Floor is Lava,” where contestants had to cross the MacArthur Center without touching the floor, using only teamwork and two thin beams of wood.

The fourth and final new event was kept secret in the weeks leading up the 2018 Master’s Cup,. In the mystery event, two members of each dorm were blindfolded, and had to assemble a puzzle with the guidance of the their teammates.

Photo by Ashley Doyle.

According to Olson, ASB decided to make the new changes in order to reflect all of the changes and improvements they hoped to see in the coming school year.

Sweazy held a solid lead during the beginning of the women’s competition, but C.W. Smith Hall surprised those in attendance after capitalizing on the lead they gained and maintained after the mystery event.

“I feel so privileged and so proud of my team,” said Alyssa Owens, a sophomore Wing Assistant for the winning dorm. “We had the greatest group of freshman. “They were so excited, and that made all the difference.”

Sophomore transfer student McKenna Mack was the woman who scaled the team’s human pyramid, securing the first victory for C.W. Smith Hall women since 2006.

“I didn’t realize how fun it would be to win until we won,” Mack said.

However, victory escaped the men of C.W. Smith Hall, as the men of Waldock defeated all the other dorms in their first victory since 2011.

“We all have something we can bond over now,” said Jordan Starr, a freshman for Waldock. “It’s good to get a great start like this just one week into school.”

The mystery event was the deciding factor once again, when Waldock stole the lead from the former champions at Slight Hall. After that, no one came close to beating Waldock.

“The other teams were not able to do it,” said Marco Bovino, a sophomore Resident Assistant for Waldock. “When we were about to run from the pyramid, they told the other guys to just go.”

All the dorms came together after the event to enjoy fellowship and food provided by three different food trucks that served shaved ice, churros, and beignets.

“I think the Master’s Cup builds a lot of relationships within the guys and the girls as we are preparing,” Bovino said. “There were guys hugging me that I had never met.”

Ed. Note: Bethany Reeves, Kaitlyn Nickerson, Ashley Doyle, and Kinsley Lively contributed to this article.